The Net Zero Pro Story

Net Zero Pro was born out of the dawning realisation that, in a world of tipping points and natural disasters, climate action must be taken urgently and decisively. 

We are one of the first generations to see the effects of the climate crisis, and one of the last to be able to do something about it, leaving us in a crucial position to make a difference. Our belief in data-driven decision making and collaborative action therefore led us to build a company that could catalyse the transformation into a net zero world. 

Here, at Net Zero Pro, we want to convert pledges into actions and do our part for the planet. Through us, companies can measure, analyse, and act on their impact, while collaborating with their stakeholders, on this collective journey to net zero.  


Accelerate ESG enhancement for inclusive, equitable, and sustainable growth


Provide organisations with the technology to factor ESG into every investment, action, and decision

Together, building a sustainable future.

At Nero Pro, cutting edge technology meets multi-faceted expertise through our well-rounded team of climate science, legal, finance, and software experts that are deeply passionate about sustainability. 

Durgesh Maru – Co-founder 

Durgesh Maru is a serial impact entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience in Sustainability solutions and is recognized among India’s Climate Leaders 40 under 40. His Solar energy company has been recognized among India’s top 10 and has founded Net Zero Pro to accelerate the transition to a low emissions future through a data-driven approach. 

Apurva Lahoti – Co-founder 

Apurva has extensive experience in providing corporate governance and legal advisory services to several Domestic and International Corporates. She has a strong legal educational foundation with a Bachelors in law from ILS Law College, Pune and Masters in Corporate and Commercial Laws from National Law School, Kolkata.

Aarushi Rai – Sustainability Specialist

Aarushi comes with a strong research and implementation background in environmental sciences having worked in global think tanks and corporates. Her knowledge of climate sciences  helps her aid companies make their operations green and their sustainability initiatives profitable. She believes that sustainability and business goals are never truly in conflict with each other and are rather mutually beneficial. She helps organisations ingrain this philosophy in their operations.


Neeraj Borgaonkar – Sustainability Specialist 

Neeraj makes invaluable contributions to the integration of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) practices and serves as a sustainability specialist at NZP. His expertise and passion play a pivotal role in advancing sustainable initiatives and addressing climate change challenges.

Sheherazad Pavri – Business Development

Sheherazad has a background in biotechnology and data science. Bringing extensive experience with him, Sheherazad channels his passion to mitigate climate change while heading business development at Net Zero Pro.  

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