Our Product

Our unique software helps you measure, analyse, and report your performance across environmental, social, and governance metrics. Simply input your data into our software manually, through an ERP, or through API integration, and get a custom-made report, in compliance with any framework of your choice!

Using our software platform to track performance allows you to visualise your data through interactive and easy-to-understand graphs and other visuals. Through these, we can curate data-driven decisions to help you identify key areas of improvement, taking your ESG performance to the next level. 

GHG Accounting

Our software helps you track your GHG emissions accurately and efficiently. This information will always be accessible to you and can help you further set targets and measure your progress towards these targets. 

Track your scope 1, scope 2, and scope 3 emissions, all in one place. Obtain a complete picture of your emissions to create and implement targeted decarbonization initiatives. 

ESG Reporting

Create custom reports on your ESG performance in the framework you prefer, such as BRSR, CDP, and GRI.

We have the templates of a variety of frameworks built into our software, such as the BRSR, CDP, GRI, and TCFD. You can pick the framework that suits your needs and the software will automatically generate a report for you using your data

End-to-end decarbonization solutions

While tracking and reporting your ESG performance, we provide bespoke solutions to help you decarbonize your company. Our solutions are custom-made to suit your needs, and can provide you with easy-to-do, impactful, and innovative strategies that can help you reduce your overall emissions while increasing your profits and business benefits.

Apart from mitigation, we also offer avenues to offset emissions through various mechanisms, ensuring that you become truly Net Zero. 



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